Our real estate development brands

We design and develop real estate projects that are closely in line with our clients’ expectations

Yamed Promotion & Yamelki, two new entities in their respective sectors

Through Yamed Promotion, specialised in high-end residential properties, and Yamelki, specialised in social housing, we are active across a range of exceptional projects where real estate is synonymous with quality and modernity, and is aesthetically pleasing.


Yamed Promotion is a real estate developer specialised in properties of high and  luxury standing that designs and develops exceptional residential projects across Morocco for Yamed Capital and its partners.

Because our activities have an impact and transform lives, Yamed Promotion designs top-quality real estate projects that enable its clients to get more out of life. We strive to offer exceptional, sustainable and functional living spaces that are adapted to individual lifestyles and key life moments, and which fulfil quality and innovation requirements.


"Working to build the future..."


Yamelki, a specialist in real estate development
in Morocco, is a brand of the Yamed Capital Group that develops social housing.
This programme is specifically for designing quality real estate projects
through an innovative architectural process in Morocco.

Yamed Capital strives to be the market leader in the residential sector and aims to develop projects that are in line with the company’s values of “promoting citizens”, based on the key value of respect. This approach attempts to meet the growing need for housing whilst offering a pleasant living environment to future buyers.

Because living happily means living in safety and harmony, we have ensured that Yamelki is a symbol of quality living at a price that is accessible to all.