Business lines

Imagine. Dare. Execute.
Yamed Group is active in all asset classes
Properties in all sectors: residential, office, commercial,
hotel, industrial and logistics, specialised real estate (health and education)

Yamed Group: independent and multidisciplinary real estate investment and services group.

Since its creation, the ambition of Yamed Group is to support the development of the real estate sector in Morocco. With passion, expertise and audacity, the group is active across all asset classes: residential, offices, retail, education, hospitality ‒ with, for each project, the aim of helping to shape the landscape of modern real estate, at the national level and in line with international standards.

We are the business partners of our clients. To support their projects, with rigour and accuracy, we understand and anticipate their needs and offer them an unparalleled level of execution throughout the real estate value chain.

We provide our clients ‒ whether they are private, institutional or public investors ‒ with an integrated and powerful real estate platform for investing, protecting and adding value to their capital in all real estate segments.

– 4 areas of expertise
– 102 employees
– €855m – volume of investments under management
– 750,000 m2 in development
– 2 reference real estate development brands

Our areas of expertise
The real estate professions are many and unique. In order to deliver a complete offer, Yamed Group is organised into dedicated poles of expertise, bringing together the best talents in each business line and making it possible to fully leverage the synergies between each link in the real estate value creation chain.


The group has been organised to ensure that we are closely in line with the interests of our investors and in order to build up a trusted long-term relationship.

To support our clients across the entire spectrum of real estate investments, we have created a dedicated expertise hub for them with the goal of providing an asset management platform dedicated to performance.

Our Investment Management teams are specialists in managing and adding value to investments, assets and real estate projects, both on behalf of the group and for third-party clients. They are thus able to offer a wide range of services and investment products.

Yamed Group leverages all its know-how to guarantee its clients preferential, confidential and transparent access to investment opportunities in line with their strategy, their needs and their constraints. The Group draws on all of its other areas of expertise in order to structure and execute these investment strategies as effectively as possible.

In addition, the Group is able to co-invest with its clients in certain strategic projects.

Club Deals
Investment strategy involving a limited number of co-investors, in pursuit of previously identified and specific investment opportunities.

Our teams handle the financial, legal and fiscal arrangements (including the establishment of an ad-hoc governance system) by structuring dedicated investment vehicles.

Separate Accounts
Our Group is able to offer all the services of an integrated real estate platform to our clients who are seeking to execute real estate investment strategies with full independence and without third party investors.

Established as a 50/50 joint venture with the Société Générale Maroc group, NEMA Capital is a company offering fund management services for local REITs (“OPCI”), licensed and regulated by by the Moroccan Capital Markets Authority. It thus offers privileged access to this new investment product.

Funds (institutional and private investors)
To enable its clients to benefit from the effects of synergies and risk pooling around a common investment strategy, the Group is able to offer investment opportunities in multi-asset funds, built around an investment strategy, a risk/return profile, a geographic and/or sector allocation and a predefined investment horizon.

Yamed is already active in this segment through two sector strategies:

– Education Real Estate
The Group supports some of its investors in building and managing a portfolio of income-producing assets in the field of private higher education. Our teams manage a portfolio currently comprising the campus buildings and student residences of the International University of Casablanca, EM Lyon (Casablanca-Marina) and the Private University of Marrakech.
– Hospitality Real Estate
Our teams are currently structuring investment opportunities in the hotel industry for some of our clients, around the theme of “lifestyle” urban hotels, with a first pilot project under development in the center of Casablanca.


The Group capitalises on the experience of its shareholders and the 10 years’ experience acquired by Yam Invest as the reference shareholder in Cogedim, French leading developer on the high-end residential segment.

Yamed Group has developed two leading brands in the real estate development sector:

Yamelki is the group’s social housing brand. Its purpose is to design quality real estate projects with an innovative architectural approach in Morocco.

Yamed Promotion specialises in high-end, luxury residential properties; its teams design and develop exceptional residential projects on behalf of Yamed Group and its partners. It creates exceptional, durable and functional living spaces, adapted to the ways and moments of each person’s life.

Client Care Center
Our customers are our first priority. That is why our Group has set up teams specialised in customer relations who work with an efficient information system (CRM), an electronic telephone exchange hub and the continuous support of our marketing team.
– Yamed Store
Yamed Store is a space that offers more than real estate. It is a rich, differentiating customer experience to discover the entire offer of products of Yamed Promotion.
It is a place where we meet with our clients to provide personalised support to meet their real estate needs.
– After-Sales Service
The Group has a dedicated After-Sales Service team that ensures personalised follow-up to the customers who are buying into the residential real estate projects it develops. They help solve any technical issues that may arise during delivery operations.


The teams in our Construction division lend their technical expertise to customers, both for projects managed by the Group and for third-party clients.
Regardless of the project entrusted to them, they always prioritise adherence to specifications, budgets and deadlines, as well as quality, safety and the environment.

Architecture & Design
In order to provide its clients with the advantages of integrating all the key skills of the real estate value chain, Yamed has set up a division dedicated to architecture and design (LUMIERE Architectures), which can give personalised support starting with the design phase of real estate projects. Its teams work in close collaboration with all of our other business lines, which ensures a quality design that fully takes in consideration all the technical, commercial and financial parameters of a project.

Turnkey Development
Our teams are able to take charge of turnkey development-construction contracts by helping clients to define their needs and by committing to specifications, a deadline and a price.

Project Management
Our teams provide project management services, intervening at all stages of the project: preliminary studies, design, preparation of construction files and negotiation of building contracts, project monitoring and administrative and financial coordination.


Our Group relies on a center of expertise dedicated to real estate transactions, whose work is totally independent and uses tools and teams that comply with the best market standards.

Residential Assets
Our Residential Assets division is positioned as the leading independent sales platform for residential real estate on the Moroccan market.
Thus, our teams fully manage the operations of:
– Pre-marketing: Defining a marketing and communications strategy, developing the pricing, implementing an on-site sales office with a dedicated team.
– Sales: Leading the sales teams; implementing, monitoring and continuously adapting the sales strategy and communication channels, from reservation to delivery and the handing over of keys.

Commercial Assets
Our specialised Commercial Assets teams support their clients in all tertiary asset classes (offices, manufacturing and logistics assets, retail, etc.).
– Landlord representation: We support landlords in positioning and letting their property (marketing strategy, searching for tenants, assistance with drawing up lease contracts and negotiating).
– Tenant representation: Assisting tenants with their real estate issues and supporting them throughout the relocation process (extension, acquisition), from identifying property options and helping with negotiations to finalising the lease agreement.


All clients and projects enjoy the support of shared services and robust cross-functional teams, that make it possible to manage all activities in close collaboration with all of the expertise hubs.