Yamed Group is a multidisciplinary
group performing real estate and investment services at every
stage of the real estate value chain

Created to support the development of the Moroccan real estate market.

Yamed Group was formed as the result of an encounter between Karim Beqqali and the late Arnaud de Ménibus, which enabled them to bring to life their shared goal to support the development of the Moroccan real estate market, a goal toward which they were already working separately.

Arnaud de Ménibus was the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yamed Group, in addition to his duties as Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Management Board of the Yam Invest group and its subsidiaries.

Before forming the Yam Invest group, Arnaud had held several high-ranking positions at Paribas Group between 1972 and 1997. In particular, he served as Director of Private Banking, Head of the Real Estate Division and member of the Executive Management Committee.

After leaving Paribas Group, Arnaud de Ménibus participated in several business start-ups and takeovers. Notably, at the beginning of 1998, he gathered several co-investors to acquire the Cogedim group, France’s leading real estate development company on the high-end residential segment. He was Chairman of the Supervisory Board and, through Yam Invest, the reference shareholder until mid-July 2007.


An independent, multidisciplinary group in real estate investment and services

Yamed Group is an independent, multidisciplinary real estate investment and services group that gathers all the skills of the real estate value creation chain, through its dedicated business lines.

Yamed Group was founded with the support of Yam Invest, an independent European investment company that boasts a renowned group of investment and real estate professionals, at the shareholder and management level as well as amongst it closest partners.

Yamed Group is therefore able to benefit from the experience forged by the Yam Invest real estate companies.


The Yamed Group team comprises complementary skills and provides an intricate and experienced offering of financial and real estate expertise as well as analysis and ongoing risk control techniques.

Non Executive Director
Non Executive Director
Non Executive Director
Managing Director
Strategic Advisor
Strategic Advisor



At Yamed, excellence is the cornerstone of our corporate culture: in all our business lines, regardless of our function, we cultivate excellence together. This dynamic of continuous improvement is, for us, the foundation for lasting success. It not only allows us to express our specific identity and anticipate risks, but also to encourage each employee to develop their full potential.


We ensure that all our employees receive useful and relevant information at the right time, which allows them to infuse their actions with meaning and to align their professional challenges with those of the group. Internally, this mentality helps to create an open, direct and accessible atmosphere and, externally, it helps to develop the image of a company that interacts intelligently with its ecosystem.


We are positioned as an innovative, different and disruptive player, in our business model, in our culture and in our products. The carefully considered risks and challenges that we choose to tackle bear witness to this. This positive identity pushes us to remain proactive, to create our own business opportunities and to anticipate the future. It is our everyday “leitmotif”, driven by ambition and passion for the profession.


We firmly believe that the strength of our collective and collaborative intelligence combined with our strong sense of belonging are 2 essential pillars of our company, which allow us to rally around common objectives. We are convinced that this synergy and solidarity make us stand out and that they help us move forward in a synchronised manner by creating value for all our stakeholders, while elevating diversity (of origin, age, background, experience, etc.) to a priceless asset.